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Learning Go for Data Science

Gopher with abacus from Marcus Olsson

Northwestern’s Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) program has Go as one of its primary languages. Go is especially important to Data Engineering, which is one of five specializations within the MSDS program.

Go is an easy language to learn and holds great promise for data science. Training in Go is a key distinguishing feature of the MSDS program. We do not stop with Python and R. We show how to build scalable, performant information systems and applications with integrated solutions from applied statistics, operations research, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Learn more about the data science program at Northwestern’s School of Professional Studies website.

A detailed review of Northwestern’s data science curriculum and specializations is available on the MSDS program website.

Tom Miller, MSDS faculty director, presented a Lightning Talk on Thursday, September 28, as part of GopherCon 2023.

See the slides from his presentation.

Getting Started with Go #

Thanks to Renée French for creating the original Go gopher mascot. Learn more about the Go gopher from this YouTube recording:

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